Documentary and Profiling

This project exists to highlight schools, teachers and students in Nigeria especially in rural and disadvantaged communities. This it does via the following platforms:

a. Teachers and Students of Nigeria (TASON): Little attention is given to the stories of the great and committed teachers that have worked tirelessly to uphold the education sector and make a difference from the teaching profession. TASON will serve as a platform that puts teachers on the spotlight by profiling them and sharing their individual stories as it relates to the collective story of teachers who have served or are still serving in Nigeria. This will be done in print and online via a website and social media platforms. TOFN will not be focused on a particular aspect of teacher life or on teachers from specific regions. It will focus on any and every aspect of the story that the teachers desire to share with the world cut across all parts of the country likewise students from all levels of education.

b. Schools of Nigeria (SON): This platform exists to solely talk about the thousands of schools spread across Nigeria. SON will tell the story of Schools and how they were established, how many communities they serve, staff strength, condition of school structures, student population, access to good roads, community involvement, alumni, etc.