Executive Summary

Community Outreach for Educational Change is a non-profit organization that exists to influence the total school experience for children in rural and disadvantaged areas. It creates a platform for quality classroom experiences, renovation and redesign of classrooms, sets up school management systems and ensures that community schools are stocked with relevant learning resources in line with the 4th SDG.
To influence learning outcomes through educational interventions for quality education in rural and disadvantaged communities, one school at a time.
To reach all Nigerian children with quality education irrespective of their social class and location.

A child’s location should not determine the quality of education s/he gets. We believe that consistent, purposeful collaborations and relevant educational interventions will give all Nigerian children a chance at enjoying quality education no matter their location.

Fixing today’s student experience one school at a time.

Educate, Empower, Liberate!

Our Objectives

To reach all rural children with quality education and present them with the options and endless possibilities that true education offers in and outside their immediate realities

To empower teachers with more efficient 21st Century best practices in education for improved learning outcomes and global citizenship

To motivate communities to become better and more active participants in the education of their children through meaningful and purposeful collaborations in influencing the educational process

To ensure that education and all its participants are given the necessary attention needed to change current educational outcomes

To broaden the mind of teachers and learners alike to the liberating yet equipping power found through exploring books

Our Reach


Rural Communities






School Children