The School Project

In response to the closure of schools in 2020 necessitated by the global pandemic, which left children from rural and disadvantaged communities completely shut out from learning unlike their counterparts in the city and those from privileged homes, we launched The School Project and set up COEC Model Schools, an Outreach School in Tagama, a rural community in Zango Kataf LGA that is currently a crises zone plagued by silent killings from Fulani Herdsmen. The school currently has 56 learners from 43 rural families spread across 12 rural communities with 14 children (made up of orphan girls and children whose parents were killed by Fulani Herdsmen) on full scholarships through her Scholarship Hub. The school also provides a daily meal for the students through her FedToLearn School feeding program aimed at fighting malnutrition, stunted growth and hunger amongst school children. It operates as a Preschool to Junior Secondary School.