Since we started in 2016, your support and partnership has helped us accomplish a lot through the following projects. 

Our campaigns namely #GetASchoolChildOffTheFloor; #FedToLearn; and #PayARuralTeacher were launched in 2019 and have so far provided classroom furniture, mattresses and salary support in 1 rural school community for 184 school children, 7 teachers and 4 vulunteers. Through the Fed to Learn school feeding program, for two terms now, we have been giving free meals (both Breakfast and Lunch with Eggs) to 136 school children in ECWA Oakland Schools, Pisabu, Kebbi State.
Our annual 3 day conference for school owners, school administrators, teachers, and other Child Care Providers in rural communities tagged the Teachers’ Meet launched in August 2018 has impacted over 100 schools and communities, over 300 teachers, school owners and school administrators and over 10,000 school children.
We launched our scholarship scheme in September 2018. This is aimed at placing deserving rural kids in better schools. Through this, we have reached 5 families and 8 school children  
In our desire to see that rural schools use age appropriate curricula, we were able to kickstart this project in September 2017 and so far, we have -sourced for 3 age appropriate curriculum packages for preschool for 2 rural schools - Registered one rural school with the ministry to allow the use of the curriculum - trained three classroom teachers on the implementation of the packages and currently implementing them in two classrooms in Kebbi State. 2017
On the 9th day of OCTOBER 2017, Community Outreach for Educational Change- COEC got registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria as an NGO. 2017
In our desire to see more qualified teachers in the classrooms spread across rural and disadvantaged areas, our TVN program started in 2016 with a team of 7 volunteers teaching various subjects in LGEA Primary School Samaru Kataf. One went on to volunteer as a Principal/Head Teacher in 2 rural schools till date.  TVN helped us to directly influence learning outcomes and improve enrollment to school. TVN helped us provide Learning Materials ranging from photocopied worksheets, pencils, crayons, glue, scissors, exercise books, school uniforms, sandals, etc.) Through this program, 41 pupils got to see and use wax crayons for the first time and we have reached 847 pupils (and still counting) through this project.   Through our TVN volunteers, we have been able to implement the Teacher Development Forum in Kebbi which has had teachers meet for an hour once a week throughout the academic session to discuss on topics relating to their classroom practices. Through this we have reached 3 rural community schools, 50 teachers and 891 school children.
In our campaign for healthy and conducive learning environments in rural schools, we started this program in November 2016 and have been able to provide -              Pipe Borne Water to one public school in rural southern Kaduna -              3 Painted Classrooms in two rural schools -              2 white boards in one rural classroom -              1 tiled classroom in one rural school -              A 3-in-1 machine for printing, photocopying and scanning in one rural school -              A repaired Well for clean drinking water in one rural school -              A WC Toilet in one rural school -              Total rehabilitation of a classroom into a Literacy Centre equipped with painted and decorated walls, Cable TV, a plasma, a mini Library, bulletin boards, a curriculum package, classroom furniture
This which exists to give basic literacy skills to both teachers and learners in rural community schools for meaningful learning to occur through its free English Lessons and Book Club started in August 2016 with 96 school children in rural southern Kaduna of Kaduna State. In 2019 we set up a Literacy Centre. Painted, rugged and equipped with a plasma and cable tv, to enhance the teaching of basic literacy skills where 16 students are currently the first cohort of beneficiaries currently going through a Learning-to-Read curriculum package in ECWA Oakland Schools, Pisabu, Kebbi State. Thus we are currently running 1 Literacy Centre, 1 After School Literacy Program and have reached 8 rural community schools, 50 teachers and 342 school children.