Since the closure of schools, children from rural and disadvantaged communities are completely shut out from learning as they cannot afford other alternatives of electronic learning like their counterparts in the city and from privileged homes.

This has hastened our desire to set up a school in a rural community of Kaduna State that will help bridge the gap for such children. This school will be equipped with competent teachers, modern technology, a feeding program, library and sick bay amongst other things to provide high quality education in line with 21st century demands solely for children in rural communities.

We currently have a structure of six classrooms in Samaru Kataf of Zangon Kataf LGA of Kaduna State to kick off this project. However, the structure needs refurbishing in order to meet our target for full operations in September or whenever the Federal Government declares it safe for schools to reopen.


Below is a summary of the project in Phases:

  1. PHASE 1
  2. Water = N84, 000
  3. Mason (refurbishing) = N411, 500
  4. Doors/windows = N364, 000
  5. Perimeter Fencing = N278, 000
  6. Ceiling = N249, 500
  7. Toilets = N223, 100
  8. Electrical Wiring and Fittings = N220, 200
  9. Painting = N72, 000
  10. Labour = N350, 000

Sub Total = N2, 252, 300

Contingency (10% of Sub Total) = N225, 230

Total    = N2, 477, 530

  1. PHASE 2
  2. Classroom Furniture/Fixtures = N1, 586, 000
  3. Office Furniture/Equipment = N260, 000
  4. Library and Computer Room = N548, 000
  5. Sick Bay = N235, 000
  6. Play Area = N260, 000

Sub Total         = N2, 889, 000

Contingency (10% of Sub Total) = N288, 900

Total    = N3, 177,900

  1. 3. PHASE 3
  2. Learning Resources = N1, 000,000
  3. Registration = N100, 000
  4. Staff Salaries (1 yr) = N3, 000,000
  5. Running Costs = N244, 570

Total = N4, 344, 570


  1. Phase One = N2, 477, 530
  2. Phase Two = N3, 177,900
  3. Phase Three = N4, 344, 570

GRAND TOTAL = N10, 000, 000

Progress Report

The past few weeks have reminded us about the goodness in humanity. Since we rolled out this project 7 weeks ago, kind hearted Nigerians both within and outside the country have shown tremendous support through their donations and we were able to begin work at the site.

We started this project with N510, 000 have so far raised N1, 312, 500! A significant amount of work has been done so far which includes refurbishing of the interior/exterior of the whole structure (Floor/Walls Patchwork, Windows/Doors Dressing), building of the drainage/verandah and toilets, soak away and chambers.

This has been an unbelievably wonderful experience but sadly, our account is empty and work has stopped until we can refill.

Conclusion: A Call to Action

God is doing amazing work through us and all the people that have chosen to be part of this journey and contribute their own quota in changing the narrative in our education sector especially for children in rural and disadvantaged areas.

Will you join us in bringing about the change we seek in Nigeria and in touching the lives of millions of innocent children who are disadvantaged just by mere virtue of their location and social status?

We have been committed to taking quality education to rural communities through our various projects but this will give us an even bigger platform to do more for humanity and we enjoin you to do this with us.

The time to take action is always NOW and we look forward to having you on board.