Teacher Volunteer Network – TVN

In our desire to see more qualified teachers in the classrooms spread across rural and disadvantaged areas, our TVN program started in 2016 with a team of 7 volunteers teaching various subjects in LGEA Primary School Samaru Kataf. One went on to volunteer as a Principal/Head Teacher in 2 rural schools till date.  TVN helped us to directly influence learning outcomes and improve enrollment to school. TVN helped us provide Learning Materials ranging from photocopied worksheets, pencils, crayons, glue, scissors, exercise books, school uniforms, sandals, etc.) Through this program, 41 pupils got to see and use wax crayons for the first time and we have reached 847 pupils (and still counting) through this project.


Through our TVN volunteers, we have been able to implement the Teacher Development Forum in Kebbi which has had teachers meet for an hour once a week throughout the academic session to discuss on topics relating to their classroom practices. Through this we have reached 3 rural community schools, 50 teachers and 891 school children.